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Invisalign clear aligners from Align Technology Inc. is a transparent and (almost) invisible alternative to traditional braces. This website informs you about the patented aligners of Invisalign. We have put together the most important information for you.

The Invisalign system is used to straighten teeth with 3D-aligners (transparent plastic sleeves) tailored to each client. It is a combination of virtual modelling software - iTero Digital Practice - and custom-made aligners with patented aligner material.

Removable at any time
The benefits of this system are clear: you can remove your Invisalign clear aligner at any time when drinking coloured drinks, eating and brushing your teeth, if needed, and easily reinsert it. This makes Invisalign clear aligners a pleasant brace and orthodontic treatment method. Invisalign clear aligners have helped approximately 10.9 million people worldwide - including more than 2.8 million adolescents - to smile and, most importantly, to feel more confident.

Advantages of the Invisalign system compared to fixed or removable braces

  • The biggest advantage for you as a client is hardly noticeable: the transparent Invisalign clear aligners are virtually invisible and it is a removable system so there are no problems with eating or brushing your teeth.
  • Hardly any change of speech: already after a short time of wearing the preformed thin plastic sleeves you have no more problems with possible change of speech.

  • The feeling of pain during the initial phase of treatment is less than with fixed braces. Invisalign aligners are experienced as very comfortable. Most clients experience wearing Invisalign aligners as comfortable and pain free.

  • The Invisalign aligners can help prevent tooth decay during treatment. Because you can remove them at any time (temporarily), you can brush your teeth normally with a regular or electric toothbrush. Also flossing with wire or an interchangeable brush is no problem. You can eat everything without fear of sticky food or hard foods.

Clear aligners or traditional braces?

In some cases, the orthodontist may advise you to undergo treatment with fixed or removable braces. This depends on the misalignment of your teeth. Sometimes, a traditional brace can achieve an (even) better result.

What are Invisalign clear aligners made of? 

Specially developed

The Invisalign clear aligners are made of a specially developed thermoplastic material of polyurethane resin with a high molecular weight whose bio-compatibility has been tested in extensive trials. The Invisalign clear aligners do not contain bisphenol A or plasticizers made from PVC.